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Moving to Andalusia? Read our guide!

Are you thinking about moving to Andalusia? Did you ever wonder how many expats live in Andalusia? The answer is that out of the 8 million citizens in Andalusia, 650,000 are foreigners, according to reports published by Spanish National Institute for Statistics. Brits love Andalusia so much that more than 85,000 have chosen the autonomous region as a relocation destination. 

When you cruise Costa del Sol, it’s no wonder you bump into British-owned pubs and other stores. The British expat community is quite large, created when the UK was still a member of the European Union. Nowadays, it is a bit more difficult for UK citizens to move to Andalusia, but of course, not impossible. 

Our blog will share some basic information about moving to Andalusia that we believe you should know beforehand.  

Andalusia, a region full of history

History buffs know that the name “Andalusia” derives from “Al-Andalus”, which was the Arabic name for Muslim Iberia. The term seems to have been introduced in 13th-century Spanish manuscripts. The region has seen many cultures as well as many wars. Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Visigoths, Arabs and, of course, Spanish are just some of the people that occupied parts of Andalusia in the past.

The capital of Andalusia is the world-known city of Seville, whilst some of the most famous cities are Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, Cadiz, Almeria and Huelva. The city of Gibraltar is a close neighbour, only a couple of hours’ drive from Malaga and Marbella, so that you won’t feel homesick. Southern Spain is full of great touristic attractions such as the medieval Moorish palace of Alhambra in Granada, the Mezquita mosque in Cordoba and others. 

Is Andalusia a good place to live?

The Andalusia region is the hottest area in Europe, with temperatures reaching 35-40 degrees Celsius even during summer nights. Andalusia is the perfect destination for Brits and other European tourists who want to enjoy the hot climate and sunny days in Spain. 

Andalucia’s 800 kilometres of coastline are well praised for their natural beauty, including numerous stunning beaches with white sand and clear turquoise water. When anyone speaks about a beach in Spain, Costa Del Sol comes to mind. Of course, you can never go wrong with Costa Del Sol as it is a popular destination for many tourists as well as many expats who have chosen to live their Meditteranean dreams. 

When it comes to violent crime, Andalucia is a relatively safe area to live in. Unfortunately, pickpocketing and other forms of petty theft are frequent, especially in popular tourist areas and major cities. However, by taking the proper precautions, you can make sure that nobody will rob you. 

Is it expensive to live in Andalusia?

This is one of the most common questions when it comes to moving and living in Andalusia. The answer is that the region of Andalusia is not considered an expensive one. Wages in Spain are not particularly high when compared to the European Union standards, especially if you compare with wages in Germany, Finland, Denmark etc., as well as the UK.

Therefore, moving to Andalusia to live and work remotely or on-site is a good option for people who won’t have to seek a job in the region. Unfortunately, the unemployment rate in Andalusia stands at 21.7%, according to stats published by Eurostat. The figure is the third worst on record in the EU. 

Andalusia has abolished its wealth tax

On September 20th, excellent news regarding taxation came from the autonomous region. The government of Andalusia abolished the wealth tax for its residents, with the change coming immediately into effect. The Andalusian government moved forward with the change as it has vowed to make the region an attractive destination for high-net-worth individuals living in Spain as well as outside of it. The lack of wealth tax means that people who own assets of value over 2 million euros won’t be paying any additional taxes, but remain obliged to file a tax return. 

Personal tax income bands reductions have been extended

The Andalusian government revisited the personal tax income bands, offering small reductions to taxpayers in the region. The government had also extended property tax breaks that had come into effect when the pandemic inactivity threatened the regional economy.

It should be noted that taxation can be quite complicated in Spain for people without the necessary knowledge, especially expats who move there for the first time to live and work. For more information, please ask for our dedicated tax brochure and get in touch with Holborn’s experts. 

Consider investing in a Spanish golden visa

A non-EU citizen who plans to make a sizable investment in the Spanish economy can apply for a Golden Visa, a special type of residence visa that allows the holder to live in Spain permanently. Holder and their dependents will be granted residence in Spain and visa-free travel across the Schengen Area.

The Spanish Golden Visa is typically granted to those who make substantial investments in Spanish real estate. They are also available to businesspeople who invest in a Spanish company. 

spanish golden visa options

Healthcare in Andalusia

The healthcare system in Andalusia has the same advantages as in the other regions of Spain. Working in Andalusia means that you will have to contribute a part of your salary to the local healthcare system as you would do with the NHS back in the UK. That’s how you will be able to benefit from the state health insurance system. Public healthcare standards are high in Spain without this meaning that there isn’t a private healthcare system. On the contrary, very often, a local health centre is quite close to you due to their large number.

If you are not expecting to be employed in your first days in Andalusia, taking out private health insurance would be ideal. If you find it difficult to choose the right one, Holborn’s advisers based in Spain can give you access to our large range of insurance products. 

Purchasing or renting a house in Andalusia

Andalusia is full of typical Spanish cities such as Malaga and Seville but also beautiful coastal towns such as Marbella. For many years, southern Spain has been the region where many expats choose to invest in property. Andalusia’s charming towns and coastal cities are ideal for such projects, while prices are still good even though they tend to follow the EU trend. 

Renting a one-bedroom apartment in Malaga’s city centre will cost approximately 750 euros, whilst a three-bedroom apartment in Malaga’s suburbs could cost around 950 euros. For people who would like to buy a house or an apartment in Malaga, prices per square meter start at 2,000 euros. However, it should be noted that Malaga isn’t the most expensive Andalusian city. If you would like to invest in property in Cadiz, you would have to pay approximately 2,400 euros per square meter. 

Holborn advisers are able to help you choose the right property in case you want to invest. 

Holborn Assets Spain: We are here for you

Although Spain is a very familiar country to Brits who spend their holidays there, moving to live and work in the beautiful Med country can become complicated. You would have to rent or buy property, get a job if you don’t have one, make sure you are insured and deal with the Spanish tax system requirements. Sounds too much? It is. Moving abroad can be stressful, especially if you bring your loved ones with you. 

Our experts at Holborn Assets Spain are ready to help you minimise the stress of such a decision. Holborn recruits only the most experienced and qualified financial advisers who will be with you every step of the way. Whether you plan to retire or work in Andalusia, our team will give you the right solutions to your problems, allowing you to enjoy the moment. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you today.

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