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Citizenship or residency by investment programmes are designed specifically for individuals and families who want to obtain a second passport or citizenship. This is done by investing funds in various ways in their preferred country.

Obtaining citizenship in one of the European Union or Caribbean countries whether for travel, settlement or business purposes, can work as a doorway to numerous countries across the world. Investing in residency can also be a quick solution in acquiring permanent residency, eventually helping you become a European Union citizen.

What are the benefits of a second passport?

Visa-free travel:

Getting a second passport from a European, Caribbean or Oceanic country can allow visa-free travel to 180+ countries across the globe.

Tax benefits:

Most citizenships by investment programs are in low tax jurisdictions. Citizens can benefit from savings on Income Tax, Net Worth Tax, Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax.


A second passport in a European country opens up a wealth of opportunities. You and your family can live, work and study in some of the world’s leading institutions.

Save time:

An investor visa can help you avoid the lengthy processes of visa applications and complications of travel to a wide variety of destinations.

Backup plan:

Having a plan B is always a good idea. Gaining second citizenship through an investment visa allows you and your family the flexibility you need to travel at short notice.

Business opportunities:

Applying for a passport by investment visa allows you to increase your business footprint on an international scale. Issues such as travel become more manageable, allowing you to focus on your global business goals.

We want to help our clients who are looking for ways to expand their businesses in tax-friendly environments or people who want to be able to travel around the world without the hassle of visa requirements. Get in touch with our advisers to learn how you can benefit from our wide range of second passport programmes or head over to our website

For every investor looking for opportunities to lawfully obtain citizenship or a second passport for better travel options, citizenship or residency by investment programmes are the fastest and simplest way.

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