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Holborn Assets celebrates 8 industry awards for their client-focused approach

Holborn Assets has triumphed at the 21st International Investment Awards, taking eight awards back home. Holborn’s commitment to client satisfaction was recognised in one of the most challenging voting processes in the last years.

The II Awards, presented by International Investment, is the leading international awards organisation honouring excellence in financial services.

Thousands of people around the world tuned in to view the annual event, which for the first time in its history, was held virtually.


Holborn Assets CEO Robert Parker picked up the Personality of the Year (Advisers) Award . He was praised by the judges as “a true gentleman and a giant of the advisory world.”

“2020 has been a great year for Holborn Assets despite the adverse financial situation caused by the pandemic,” said Robert Parker. He added: “We are constantly expanding our presence across the world, opening new offices and hiring the best talent the financial industry has to offer while maintaining the high level of services that has brought us to the top.”

Stefan-Terry (1)

Stefan Terry, a senior partner at Holborn Assets, won the Emerging Talent of the Year (Advisers) Award, standing out from the competition due to his brilliant performance as a wealth manager during the last year.

Holborn Assets received the Global Award for Excellence in Client Services (Advisers) and was the Regional Winner for Excellence in Client Services (Advisers) in Africa and Asia. The company was described by judges as “a firmly established company with bold ambitions across the international advice arena.”

Jackie Evans , the Head of Holborn Group’s Administration and Operations, commenting on the awards said: “We are very proud to have received these two awards which serve as testaments to the hard work of our teams. We intend to continue our effort and improve the level of our services through innovation and the implementation of new client-focused processes.”


The Holborn Assets team was also the Regional Winner for Excellence in Advisory Best Practice in Asia and Africa.

Lourens Reichert, a senior partner at Holborn Assets South Africa, said that “innovative thinking and multiple years of experience in the financial services sector enable us to offer top quality financial advice to our clients. These awards boost our will to stay on top of our industry.”

Greg Miller , a senior partner at Holborn Assets Asia, noted: “At Holborn, our teamwork incredibly hard to help our clients achieve their financial goals and plan their investment strategies, so it’s a great honour to be recognised by the industry as the best financial advisory service in Asia. We’ll continue to do everything in our power to raise the bar further still in terms of client service going forward.”


Michele Carby, a senior partner at Holborn Assets, was highly commended for the Woman Of The Year Award, showing that Holborn appreciates and values the different perspective that women bring to the financial services industry that had been male-dominated until recently. It should be noted that Holborn Assets was the only company with two candidates for the Woman Of The Year award.

Holborn Assets would like to thank everyone who took part in the event, from the people who organised it to the contestants for the unique experience.

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