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Retirement is the next big thing in your life. If you would like to enjoy the retirement you have been dreaming of, you should explore your UK pension options. Holborn Assets give you the opportunity for a FREE UK pension review from some of the most experienced independent financial advisers in the industry.

Key Benefits Of Pension Transfers

  • More Flexible Withdrawal Options
  • Broad Number Of Investment Options
  • Consolidation Of Pensions From Different Employers
  • Transferring Pension To A Scheme In Your Country Of Residence

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Why should you have your UK pension reviewed?

Most of us will have built on retirement savings in a defined contribution pension, either through a private or workplace pension.

If you plan on retiring or you already live abroad, you may want to consider the best course of action for your UK pension. A key decision for UK expats will be whether or not to transfer their UK pension pot.

Holborn Assets’ complementary pension review can help you evaluate your options and assist you in making informed decisions that would improve your finances in ways that you hadn’t expected.

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Your UK pension might be in danger! Act now!

Media sources such as Reuters report that the UK government has been looking at suspending the promise to increase pensions by whichever is higher of consumer price inflation, average earnings growth, or 2.5%.

Government officials suggest that this would help pay for the cost of the Covid-19 response plan.

There has also been growing speculation regarding pension tax breaks.

Protect your pension from the UK Government

Some economists suggest that the UK government prepares to reduce pension tax reliefs for higher earners to cover the deficit created by the economic repercussions of the pandemic.

Are your savings at risk from the volatility of the markets?

If you have a defined contribution pension – whether private or through work – your savings may have been hit hard as the pandemic’s consequences weigh on the economy. Most pension schemes invest in the global stock market, a factor that could affect your pension pot if the market moves against your interests.

"My thanks and grateful appreciation for the relentless pursuit of ensuring that my difficult pension transfer was a success and completed in time."

– Chris W

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Act Now! Protect your pension and secure a higher retirement income. Your review is FREE, independent and guaranteed no obligation.

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Why choose Holborn Assets to help you invest?

  1. Certified Credentials

    Our investment professionals hold a variety of prestigious investment qualifications from recognised professional bodies such as the Chartered Insurance Institute, London Institute of Banking & Finance, Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment and CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute. We encourage all advisers to keep studying to keep their qualifications relevant and up to date.

  2. Registered & Regulated

    We benefit from appropriate regulation in all our geographical areas of operation and have been operating successfully in the field of investments since 1998.

  3. Strategic Credentials

    Our strategy is about advising our clients on the investments that are best for their individual needs. We appreciate that it is your money, that you have worked hard for it and want to keep it and see it growing. We don’t believe in taking unnecessary risks. That’s why the portfolios we offer are diversified and our advice is focused on ongoing management and a steady hand over the long term.

Transferring a pension outside of the UK

If you’re considering transferring a personal pension or a defined benefit scheme to an overseas pension provider, the potential benefits are:

  • Keeping all your pension savings in one place can make it easier to keep track of them
  • If you’re a member of a defined benefit scheme, you may be able to take advantage of a generous cash transfer offer
  • You can decide how much income you take and when which enables you to manage your local tax position and also use the prevailing exchange rate to maximise your income
  • You can choose which investments to include in your pension
  • You may be able to make lump tax and income withdrawals free of tax

Don’t settle for any pension! Get the one that works for you.
Your review is FREE, independent and guaranteed no obligation.

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Transparency is what sets us apart from other businesses

At Holborn Assets, we pride ourselves in giving our clients complete transparency over all aspects relating to their UK pension.

We focus not just on the advantages, but thanks to a thorough review, we highlight the potential drawbacks of making changes to your UK pension.

Our fully qualified and experienced financial advisers help you to take control of your finances and build the financial future that you want for you and your loved ones.

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