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  1. How important is it to read the fine print?

    We would urge everyone to take the time to read the fine print on any agreement, especially when it comes to your finances. We know we are all used to signing dozens of things a week, or at least checking the ‘yes’ box and clicking submit, but the fine print can have an enormous impact on your hard-earned money so it is important to know what you are agreeing to. You may find clauses that bind you to obligations you didn’t anticipate which can result in unforeseen penalties or financial losses. As such it’s important to know what you’re getting into.

  2. What is meant by a “policy cooling off” period?

    You may want to cancel an insurance policy if you have just bought it and have changed your mind. By law, you have a minimum 30 day cooling off period during which you can cancel the policy for any reason.

  3. How often should my adviser meet with me once I’m a client?

    Your adviser will contact you annually for a full review of your portfolio. In some cases, this may happen more frequently, depending on what has been agreed and specific requirements. You also have access to our Client Relationship Management Team for any product or service related clarification you may need. Your will IFA will be available to answer any queries, or to meet upon request, but we don’t like to bother you too frequently as we know our clients have busy lives.

  4. Why is my fund performance low?

    Your portfolio is reviewed on a regular basis. It may be also useful for you to refer the views and market updates sent out by Holborn Assets from time to time so as to better understand how your funds are performing and what is happening in global markets generally. Please refer any immediate concerns you may have regarding any falls in value to your IFA for further guidance.

  5. What are the fees involved pertaining to my investment?

    Please note that fees and charges will vary from product to product. Please refer to the signed fee schedule for all charges and fees regarding your investment portfolio.

  6. >ow do I change my contact details and why is it important to do so?

    In order that we can advise you on an ongoing basis, it is important that we know how to contact you. You also have an obligation to notify any product providers of any changes of address or contact details but we will assist with this process and be your main point of contact.

    In some cases, you will be asked to complete a form and/or provide up to date proof of address. Let us know about any changes in your circumstances, whether that a new address, a change of name, or a change of country, as all are relevant.

    Another important reason to keep records up to date is to ensure that policies do not lapse by accident. For example, if premiums are missed for a life policy your valuable cover will be lost and we need to be able to let you know if there are any problems.

  7. What is my surrender value and how long does it take to obtain the information?

    We can usually provide surrender values in two to three working days. Any request to surrender a policy requires paperwork and we will assist with that.

    Please bear in mind that there is usually a surrender penalty if you wish to fully surrender a policy before the maturity or option date. If money is required, you may have the ability to take a withdrawal from a plan with little or no penalty so it is best to explore that option. Please contact your adviser or [email protected] with the policy details in order to obtain information.

  8. What are the guidelines for certification of documents?

    A suitable certifier and should evidence that the Certifier has seen the original document and confirm that the copy is a true and accurate copy of the original document. The acceptable wording should read as follows:

    “I have seen the original of (describe documentation) and I certify that this copy of the document is a complete and accurate copy of that original”.

    The Certification must also include the following details:

    Signature of the Certifier
    Name of Certifier
    Position or Capacity
    Contact information of the Certifier (Address, Phone Number / Email Address)

    Suitable Certifiers:

    Notary Public
    Company Secretary
    Solicitor / Counsel
    Director or Manager of a Regulated Credit or financial institution

  9. How do I compliment a Holborn Assets employee?

    Thank you for taking the time to compliment a Holborn Assets employee. To make sure it ends up in the right hands, please write to [email protected] and share your experience with us.

  10. How do I lodge a formal complaint?

    At Holborn Assets, we aim to always meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and honour all of our commitments. As our client, we believe you have the right to a fair, swift and courteous service at all times. If you are not completely satisfied with an aspect of our service, we have a complaints procedure in place to make sure the matter is dealt with promptly, effectively and in a positive manner.

    There are several ways you can contact Holborn Assets to make a complaint:

    You can speak to your adviser to see if an issue can be resolved, you can submit your complaint by filling out an online form on the Contact Us page, or by sending us an email at [email protected].

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